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GeoSuite (formerly GeoHelm)

GeoSuite is an Open Source solution that allows a user to install, configure, and manage a complete GIS stack. It allows for browser based management of tools such as PostGIS, GeoServer, and PgRouting.
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OpenTileServer is a script is for building a tile server with OpenStreetMap data. It installs and configures Postgres, PostGIS, and osm2pgsql, Mapnik, mod_tile, and renderd, along with OSM-carto or OSM-bright.
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OpenNameSearch allows users to build a Nominatim server with OSM data. It includes loading and reloading GeoFabrik Extracts of OSM Data PBFs.
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JRI Publisher

Publish, schedule, and email Jasper Reports. Run reports on demand.
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Tomcat Module

Apache Tomcat Module. Install and manage Apache Tomcat or Manage an existing installations.
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Nagios Module

Nagios Module for Webmin. Install, configure, and manage Nagios as well as Nrpe agent on remote machines.
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